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Notice on Application for HDC-Code of China-bound Foreign Passengers Departing from Austria
2022-01-14 19:00

At present, the global COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and the risk of getting infected during the international travel is very high. The Chinese Embassy in Austria strongly recommends travelers avoid all non-essential and non-urgent travels. At the same time, major changes have been made on the application procedures due to the latest developments concerning COVID-19. From January 24, 2022 (included), the Chinese Embassy in Austria will make the following requirements for passengers who really have urgent need of traveling from Austria to China. If the notices and requirements related to the HDC-Code application which were issued before by the Chinese Embassy in Austria are inconsistent with this notice, this notice shall prevail.

A. Requirements on flights

1. Starting from Austria

All passengers with their residence in Austria must take direct flights from Austria to China.

Based on these requirements, the Chinese embassy in Austria will no longer issue green codes to those passengers who live in Austria but take transit flights via a third country. Without the first code from us, the embassy or consulates in that third country will also refuse to issue the second green code.

2. Starting from a third country

(1) If there are direct flights to China in this third country, then passengers must take these direct flights. The Chinese embassy in Austria will not issue green codes to these passengers for their transit flights in Austria. If the direct flights in that third country are canceled, please refer to Article (2).

(2) In those countries with no direct flights to China, whether by train, by car or by plane to Austria, all passengers from those countries are regarded as transit passengers. In order to take the direct flight from Austria to China, they need to carry out the tests at first in that third country within 48 hours before departure and then apply for a green code from the Chinese embassy or consulates in that country for their first travel to Austria. Upon arrival in Austria, they need to do the tests again within 48 hours before departure and make the application by the Chinese embassy in Austria. Without the first green code, the Chinese embassy in Austria will refuse to issue the second green code for your travel to China.

(3) Transit passengers from a third country can only make their transit once. If there are two or more transits, the application for the green code will not be approved.

B. Test requirements for different groups of passengers

After the date of your flight is set, passengers should reduce their social contact and stay at home as long as possible to avoid being infected. Except for taking the tests 48 hours before boarding, do not take public transportation or go out to shopping centers, restaurants and other crowded places. After conducting the two tests, you should keep staying at home until traveling. If you feel unwell, please consult your doctor in time and adjust your itinerary to China.

1. For those who are fully vaccinated (2 PCR)

Those who have not completed all the doses required for vaccination (such as 2 doses required but only 1 dose completed), or 2 doses of inactivated vaccines received on the same day, will be regarded as unvaccinated people.The applicant can be regarded as fully vaccinated only after completing all the required doses. At the same time, they need to wait for 14 days after the second dose of their first round of vaccination. Those who have taken the tests 48 hours before departure within 14 days after completing the second vaccination will not be issued a HDC QR Code regardless of whether the test results meet the "double negative" requirements or not. Such restriction does not apply to the third vaccine (“booster”).

Whether fully vaccinated with inactivated vaccines or non-inactivated vaccines, this group of passengers must complete 2 nucleic acid RT-PCR tests within 48 hours before their departure at 2 different designated laboratories separately. The starting point is based on the sampling date instead of the specific hour of being sampled. For example, if you plan to board the plane on February 19, you are required to submit two negative PCR test results with the sampling date from February 17 (inclusive) to February 19.

When both PCR test results are negative, they could apply for the HDC-Code.

2.For those who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated (1 PCR + 1 IgM)

This group of passengers must complete nucleic acid RT-PCR and IgM antibody sampling and testing within 48 hours at one of the designated laboratories before their departure. When both PCR test result and IgM-antibody test result are negative,you could apply for the HDC-Code.

For kids under 5 years old, if they are too young to do the IgM antibody test, they could only conduct the nucleic acid RT-PCR test. Meanwhile their parents should contact the test institution to write a confirmation. After receiving the negative result, please send this document to us with kids’ passport and Chinese visa (or residence permit) information to this email address: pcrtest.aut@gmail.comWe will inform the airline company of these children before the flight. They could fly with their parents, without a HDC code issued from us.

3. Special arrangements for OS75-transit passengers by plane and taking tests in the transit zone of the Vienna airport for OS75 flight

In order to make it more convenient for transit passengers taking OS75 to Shanghai, AUA has managed to set up a temporary test station in collaboration with Labor Doz. DDr. Stefan Mustafa at Gate 11 on every Friday to conduct tests. Those with their first flight arriving at the inner transit zone of the Vienna Airport to wait for the temporary test station there could continue to do a RT-PCR test and an IgM-antibody test, whether they have been vaccinated or not. This special policy only apply to OS75 transit passengers. Those who take CA842 to Beijing still need to enter Austria and conduct necessary tests in Vienna city.

C. Criteria on tests and test facilities

All test reports should contain the following essential information: the applicant's name, gender, date of birth and passport number, the doctor or the medical institution's name, signature and stamp, address and contact information. The sampling time and test results must be clearly stated.

The nucleic acid RT-PCR test should be conducted by medical professionals with anasopharyngeal swab and the sampling method should be clearly stated on the test report. Other sampling methods would not be accepted.

The IgM serum antibody test must be performed by medical professionals through venous blood samplingand the test report should include the following terms: Serum, IgM, Venous, venipuncture, etc. Finger-prick blood testing would not be accepted. The report also needs to clearly state testing methods, including:(1) Chemiluminescence; (2) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

In order to better control the test quality, the Chinese embassy in Austria only accept test results from those laboratories:


Labor Doz. DDr. Stefan Mustafa – Medizinisch Diagnostisches Labor PCRIgM

AddressZiehrerpl. 9, 1030 Wien

Transit zone of the Vienna AirportFriday 10:30-13:30G11, for OS75-Passengers only



Laboratorium Dr. Kosak, Dr. Reckendorfer und Partner
Fachärzte für Pathologie GmbH

AddressMariannengasse 14, 2.OG u. 3.OG, Top 3-5, 1090 Wien



Labor Dr. Claudia Vidotto PCRIgM

AddressBreitenfurter Str. 350, 1230 Wien


Upper Austria


myLab - Medizinisches Labor Dr. Paul Niedetzky PCRIgM

AddressEuropapl. 7, 4020 Linz




Labor Dr. Tiran PCRIgM

AddressStadlgasse 3, 8020 Graz




Labor Dr. Philadelphy PCRIgM

AddressAndreas-Hofer-Straße 28, 6020 Innsbruck


The Chinese embassy in Austria will update the list regularly. If any laboratory wants their PCR/IgM tests to be acknowledged, please contact consulate_aut@mfa.gov.cn for detailed requirements.

D.Other Special requirements

1. For people with history of infection

People who have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 or have not been diagnosed but have a positive test result of either nucleic acid, IgM antibodyor IgG antibody (except for positive IgM and IgG antibodies caused by the COVID-19 vaccine) should follow the procedures below:

(1) Recovery confirmation

After the applicant recovers, he/she must take a lung CT or X-ray examination in a regulated hospital (pregnant women can be exempted), and two nucleic acid tests at the designated test laboratories of our embassy (sampling interval should not be less than 24 hours). The above-mentioned examination and tests should be within 3 days before sending the pre-review email to pcrtest.aut@gmail.com. Please mark the subject of the email as "name + passport number + confirmation of recovery application".The diagnosis result of lung CT or X-ray examination should be: no symptoms of COVID-19 infection or recovery from COVID-19 (or although there is no such clear statement, the test results are not abnormal); the results of the two nucleic acid tests should be both negative.

(2) Quarantine and health monitoring

Since the date of receiving "confirmation of recovery" email from our embassy, the applicant should conduct a 14-day quarantine and health monitoring, and fill in the "Personal Health Monitoring Form" (see attachment 1). During the quarantine period, if there are suspected symptoms such as fever, cough and diarrhea, the applicant should carry out a new nucleic acid test at the designated test laboratories of our embassy. If the result is negative, the applicant should conduct another 14-day quarantine and health monitoring; if the result is positive, the applicant should promptly go to the hospital for treatment. When applying for the HDC QR Code again, the process should be completed again from the recoveryconfirmation(pre-review).

(3) Tests within 48 hours before boarding

After completing the above procedures, passengers are regarded as fully recovered and please perform corresponding tests within 48 hours before boarding. If the test resultsare still positive, you will need to complete the previous steps again until you meet all the requirements. If your resultsare negative, upload the relevant test reports, "Personal Health Monitoring Form", screenshots of pre-review email with serial numbers, and other necessary documents in the system to apply for the HDC QR Code.

2. For people with history of close contact and suspected symptoms before departure

Those who have a history of close contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients, suspected confirmed patients, asymptomatic infected people, or have had suspected symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, diarrhea, must truthfully report the situation in the HDC-Code system, conduct a 14-day quarantine and health monitoring, and fill in the "Personal Health Monitoring Form" (see attachment 1) as required. During the quarantine period, the applicant should take three nucleic acid tests on the first, fourth, and seventh day at a regulated test laboratory. After the quarantine, the applicant should send the "Personal Health Monitoring Form" and the three nucleic acid test results to pcrtest.aut@gmail.com for pre-review, and mark the subject of the email as "name + passport number + close contact and suspected symptoms pre-review". After completing the above procedures, follow this notice to perform corresponding tests within 48 hours before boarding. If your resultsare negative, upload the relevant test reports and screenshots of the pre-review email with serial numbers and other necessary documents in the system to apply for the HDC QR Code.

E. How to apply for HDC-Code

Foreign passengers can apply for the HDC Code online by clicking this link: https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/or scan the picture below. Please fill in the blanks with honesty and upload your passport, full flight itinerary, the residence permit (or visa) in that country where your depart, your Chinese visa or residence permit, two test reports done in Austria, the screenshot of your first green code (only for transit passengers), Personal Health Monitoring Form (for those in Section D), vaccination certificate and your letter of commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination (see attachment 2).

Picture : QR-Code for foreign passengers

All passengers are suggested to take the two printed test reports and vaccination certificate (if any) for further inspection. When boarding the plane, please show the real-time dynamic green codes on your mobile phone or computer. Printed Versions will no longer be recognized.

Please wear N95 masks throughout the flight, take meals at different time with neighboring passengers, and take strict personal protection during the whole journey.

If passengers have any questions about the above regulations or want to consult relevant policies regarding your past infection history, please contact us via: pcrtest.aut@gmail.com.

Attachment 1-Personal Health Monitoring Form.docx

Attachment 2-Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination.docx

Chinese Embassy in Austria


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